Weaponry has advanced over the years. As a result, militaries across the globe have adapted their practices to integrate first-class technological warfare. From spears to drones, it is easy to see how far we have come.

Spears were the primary form of weaponry in 400,000 BC. Many years later (40,000 to 20,000BC), the atlatl was invented. Don’t know what an atlatl is? You should because it is the foundational design of the bow and arrow. In 500 BC, the first catapult was invented, slinging rocks as far as 410 feet. Fast forward to the 1700s and you will find rocket artillery. It is also during this time period that a massive number of soldiers were killed during the American Revolution.

Fast forward again to the 1900s and you will find the development of the first gun silencer. The 1900s also brought about The Geneva Protocol, which involved many nations prohibiting the use of biological or chemical warfare. Still yet, chemical weapons were largely used during World War I, including weapons that used chlorine, phosgene, and mustard gas. By the end of this war, the U.S. soldier deaths totaled more than 4,700,000. If this number seems large, you should know there were more than five million Americans killed during the Korean War that took place only a few years later. Even more astonishing is the fact that more than 8.5 million Americans died during the Vietnam War.

Over the past 50 years, we have come very far in the development of modern warfare. 2002 was a year that brought about the development of high-energy lasers, which were used to shoot down artillery fire. Only two years later was the use of a remotely piloted drone that hit Pakistan. The US was responsible for this hit. Today we use autonomous drones to carry out much of warfare tactics, and in the near future, we are expecting the use of a “Flying Humvee, battery-powered motorcycles, and medical nanobots to be used in a variety of military practices.

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history of warfare


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