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Best Online History Programs to Prepare for Law School

The highest-paid career choice on average for history graduates is legal work, and it’s not hard to see why.  More students enter law school with a history degree than any other undergraduate degree, and the median earnings for attorneys are …

The Eight Best Libraries for History Lovers

From becoming a historian to working in the marketing industry, there are multiple career paths for a history major to travel down. Earning a degree in this field of study will take you anywhere from 2 to 10+ years depending …

Best International Online History Programs

Thanks to the online education revolution, students from anywhere in the country are able to attend hundreds of different universities and their courses from the comfort of their living rooms.  For the 7 million students who are taking online courses, …

Best Online History Programs with Highest Earnings

In a perfect world, students could take college classes to learn more about their intellectual passions and become better-rounded members of society.  In the real world, however, where competition for the best positions is fierce and the costs of higher …

How To Use History Books To Expand Your Career

When it comes to effectiveness, the most important ingredient you need is clarity. So, the question is ‘how do you gain clarity?’ Well, you have to start by minimizing noise and focusing on the facts. What does this have to …

The Highest-Paying Jobs in History Field

So you’ve chosen to pursue a degree in history. Great choice! There are many career paths for you to travel down with this type of credential, and the job market for history majors looks really good. And while you may …

The History Behind 5 Careers in the Field of History

When it comes to careers in history, you can rest assured that there is much job security. Once you earn a degree in history, your career options will be wide open. From becoming a librarian to an attorney to establishing …

Establishing a Stable Career with a Degree in History

When it comes to stepping stones for your career, you can’t go wrong with a degree in history. From libraries to museums, galleries, and academia institutions, a degree in history widens your career opportunities, allowing you to work in just …

Best Historical Scholarships for High School Students

National High School Essay Contest Deadline: March 15 Awards vary The U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP) partnered with the American Foreign Service Association to bring back the Essay for Peace contest. This award is meant to encourage youth to learn …

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